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We’ve brought literally thousands of people together. People just like you. People who know what they want and are prepared to do anything to get it.

We get you. We understand. You’ve got nearly everything you want, you’ve earned it.

Who you’ll meet

You come with an elite set of circumstances and requirements. Our matches are carefully chosen, so that you’ll encounter a person that is highly compatible with your lifestyle, and actively looking for someone with your personality.

They’ll understand you as well, because they will have been given the full picture on who you are and what you’re all about.

And above all, they’ll come with the quality seal of Louanne Ward, internationally accredited matchmaker who is also known as Perth’s Millionaire Matchmaker. She’s the creator of this unique experience, and a firm believer in finding a match that works.

In fact, we’ll leave the last words to Louanne:

‘…life is ultimately better when you share it with someone’

For a simple, efficient way to meet people who are compatible in every way, get in touch today.

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