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Transform your dates into meaningful relationships

Learn to master the art of attraction with anyone, anywhere and you’ll never be forgettable again.

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Transform your dates into meaningful relationships

Learn to master the art of attraction with anyone, anywhere and you’ll never be forgettable again.

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Refresh your dating life

Your dating life is starting to feel like another chore on your to do list. You’re tired of investing time, energy and emotional head space into people who you just can’t seem to get that ‘chemistry’ with. Believing, you’ve tried just about everything you can think of, feeling disheartened, burnout and disillusioned wondering how you will ever meet the right person. It’s become all too hard and giving up seems like the next best option.

Right now, all you really need is a guiding hand and a more tailored approach to dating success. You already have everything you need to attract the right partner I will simply show you how to find your inner spark, that special thing that only you have. You’ll discover how to date with confidence, attract new and interesting people you actually want to date and leave your dates wanting more.

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In order to attract the kind of relationship you desire, you must first be the kind of person you want to meet.

- Louanne

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With a Date Coach

Confidence, Charisma, Charm

There is a powerful and essential skill most people forget, underestimate or simply haven’t been taught. Combined with the key elements you may already know it will transform your dating life so you can attract the partner you desire.

If you are tired of being friend-zoned, can’t get past the first date, sick of the online dating culture and tired of being alone there is a different approach you can take.

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It starts with a spark

Louanne Ward is a DEMARTINI method facilitator and body language expert trained to help you transform your challenges and empower your life

Your date coaching plan

Success starts with you


Share your challenges

Share your initial contact form, tell us the areas creating your present challenges. We will contact to arrange a private one hour free

coaching session to discuss your dating history and guide you on a journey to unblocking your dating blocks.

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Turn challenges into triumphs

One conversation can change your life. What is standing between you and the dating goals you want to achieve. Identify what is holding you back.

During your complimentary coaching consult we will clearly identify your challenges and show you the common links which are holding you back from dating with confidence. We will set a plan in motion and present personalised options to break the dating challenges and turn them into triumphs.

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Transform your dating life

There are 3 common areas which hold people back from dating with ease and enjoyment. During your coaching journey we will work with you

one on one to unblock your personal empowerment. Your date coaching program is much like a fitness plan, each week you will transform your present reality into the reality your truly desire. I am not here to tell you what to do, I give you the skills to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime and will show you the art of attracting a partner you desire.

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Here’s what our clients are saying


I absolutely adore you Louanne! I've really enjoyed our mentoring sessions and gained so much! I am very grateful for your advice and honesty on relationships, self-development and knowledge on the Demartini Method. You have challenged me to see the benefits of both sides of every situation and how to have a more fulfilling and inspired life and relationships going forward. I have experienced a massive shift and feel more empowered and in control of my emotions with more clarity, confidence and commitment to being authentic, growing, learning and living within. Thank you so much, Louanne! xx


Thank you Louanne, I loved our session yesterday. It was a brilliant idea to bring Adam and I together, in an actual dating venue. It really contextualized the advice you gave. To have the opportunity to be on a mock date and understand how to connect with a man and leave him wanting more was a game changer for me. The biggest takeaways being, how to enter the room, why giving compliments to a man is so important, where to sit, the difference body language makes and how to use the power of touch.


Thank you for fantastic dating advice and for giving up your valuable time to message me. I hope I put your wonderful advice into use successfully Louanne. Thank you once again!!!

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