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When finding the Right Person for you
is more important than just a relationship.

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Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have the It Factor while others don't?

It’s not that they are necessarily the best-looking or the smartest, funniest or wealthiest. Yet, there is something about them that feels magnetic.

During this 2-day workshop, I am going to teach you the formula to unlocking your very own IT FACTOR.


Louanne Ward is an internationally accredited matchmaker and dating expert with over 25 years experience. Founder of Louanne Ward Matchmaking in 1993, Louanne has made 1000’s of successful matches and is regularly called on by top Australian and International media to share her insights into how to succeeed in life and love.

Louanne Ward

What people say about Louanne

Claire and Mike


"Louanne has a compassionate, authentic and inspiring approach to matchmaking. I was impressed by her understanding of men and women - her approach to dating allows for great relationships and deep connections which has made me to feel re-inspired about the possibility of having lasting love. Thank you Louanne. I’m so grateful for what you do!”

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Stephen and Loretta

Kate, 33

“It was a brilliant idea to bring guys and girls together. It really contextualised the advice you gave. To have the opportunity to be on a mock date and understand how to connect with a man and leave him wanting more was a game changer for me. The biggest takeaways were how to enter the room, why giving compliments to a man is so important, where to sit, the difference body language makes and how to use the power of touch. I felt completely different after working on my styling and focusing attention on my best assets, so I felt a lot more confident than I normally do on a date. (Even though it wasn’t a real date, I definitely knew Adam was the male version of me, and was there for the same reason as I was). We were actually chatting about how brilliant it was showing us first-hand, the common mistakes we both make. You have completely changed my perception of how to date and I can’t wait to get out there and date with confidence.”

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Daniel, 29

“My biggest challenge was being able to find a cool chick who was hot. All the hot chicks I met would friend zone me. I literally became the guy they would cry on the shoulder of and the plus one when they didn’t have anyone else. Then all the cool chicks I’d meet that were interested in me, I didn’t feel attracted to. There are so many different methods and theories for this but nothing changed until I got the right advice. Louanne is the real deal. After just 4 sessions she turned my dating world around. I now have hot girls who don’t friend zone me. In fact, it’s almost like they seek me out. I’m having the best time of my life, but not only with girls who are just hot. There so many cool, hot chicks around, you just got to know how to find them and keep them engaged.”

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What you will learn

The 8 PRINCIPLES You Need To Know To Harness The Power Of Attraction

25 years of research, 8 principles, one fabulous weekend…
  • Understand what men and women really want.
  • Know the little mistakes people make and how they add up.
  • Overcome dating challenges that prevent you from attracting the right people.
  • Learn natural ways to boost your confidence and desirability.
  • Practice simple techniques you can apply immediately.
  • Get clear on your values and those you desire in a partner.
  • Learn dating etiquette, including text messages that work and ones to NEVER send.
  • Discover how to navigate through awkward conversations with ease.

Learn to eliminate self-doubt and let go of the outcome. And much more…

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