When finding the person right for you is more important than just a relationship


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Your choice of food and the way you consume it can make or break a relationship!

There is no mistake when it comes to romance, the mouth plays a very important part of our connection. First, there is the smile which is what initially attracts us to someone and then we connect with what comes out of someone’s mouth, the conversation the way they communicate, their teeth, the lips are all…

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Body Language Myths Killing Your Dating Life

Communication is such an important part of day-to-day interactions and your communication style says so much more about you to others than you realise. We communicate verbally, we are taught the skill of verbal communication unless there is a need to learn another form such as the hearing impaired. Unless you understand sign language the…

Uncategorized July 9, 2019
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Are You A Dating Addict?

I’m not talking about a drug addict or a gambler, or an alcoholic or any of the usual forms of addiction I am talking about an addiction which is affecting single people of all ages in Australia.  Love addiction is not a new addiction, neither is sex addiction and a symptom is the serial dater creating…

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Festive Season Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas is fast approaching and for those of you who are single, you are probably filling your social calendar in a desperate attempt to kill the reality of being alone or trying to plot your way out of town so you don’t have to answer yet another years’ worth of questions based on the projections…

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The 30s Dating Crisis

Why is 30 the most important decade to date? Get this decade wrong and the FOMO could plague you for the next decade and turn in to the reality of missing out. Profile Type 1: Teenage romance Coming out of your teens and into your 20s with life ahead of you and the world at…

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How To Get Back With Your Ex

Have you come out of a relationship and spent time on your own a realized you miss your ex-partner and want them back? Splitting up with somebody and going your separate ways there will often be at least one of you or perhaps both of you are starting to question your decision of parting ways…

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Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Are you in a toxic relationship or have you been in a toxic relationship? When talking about toxic relationships it doesn’t refer exclusively to romantic relationships, you can have a toxic relationship with anyone that you’re close to whether it’s a mother, father, brother, sister, boss or friend. There are many signs of a toxic…

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Single? It’s not them, it’s you and your lack of E.Q

For every ‘single’ person I meet and let’s face it as a matchmaker I meet a few – There is a common link between those who connect easily with others and maintain relationships and those who can’t seem to stay connected in a relationship. So what’s really going on? Meeting someone who is Charismatic, intelligent,…

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