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6 Safe Online Dating Tips For Women

An expert’s tips on how to have fun and stay safe when meeting people on dating apps in 2021   It’s time dating got a makeover.  Lately, we’ve heard a lot about women’s safety. And for all the media coverage, you’d be forgiven for feeling disheartened about the state of modern dating. From ‘ghosters’ and … Continue reading 6 Safe Online Dating Tips For Women

Advice, Articles, relationships April 7, 2021
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The Modern Love Story: Singles and Emojis

1. Technology changes dating It can be defined by: 😊👀😘 A flirty smile, side-eyes, a ‘kissy’ face.  The new wave of dating is one where little icons can replace much of our face-to-face communication. Emojis reduce our facial expressions and feelings down to a small picture on a screen and can be both a blessing … Continue reading The Modern Love Story: Singles and Emojis

Advice, Articles, relationships March 22, 2021
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7 Lessons Netflix Show Bridgerton Teaches Us About Love

My take on the timeless adages we can take away from Netflix’s popular period drama series, Bridgerton.  1. Love hasn’t changed, but the way we court has. Love is love, and no matter the era, we still love the same. From physical touch to affectionate compliments and wanting to spend all our time together when … Continue reading 7 Lessons Netflix Show Bridgerton Teaches Us About Love

Advice, Articles, relationships March 18, 2021
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Why Valentine’s Day Is The Worst Time To Find Love

5 reasons why singles are unlikely to find a partner this Valentine’s Day, and the bright side of what to do instead.  February. The season of love… right? The second month of the year has always been dubbed a time to connect with old flames, start new flings and reignite existing ones. But is it … Continue reading Why Valentine’s Day Is The Worst Time To Find Love

Advice, Articles, relationships February 5, 2021
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4 Dating Habits Men & Women Hate About Each Other

VIDEO: The ugly truth of dating. 4 behaviours women and men dislike about each other! What are your gripes?

Advice, Articles, relationships August 1, 2020
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What A Man Wants

For the first time in the technology generation without instant gratification of being able to meet and date in person men and women have had time  to consider the deeper characteristics they truly want in a partner.  Even though men are from Mars and Women are from Venus when it comes to relationships the desires … Continue reading What A Man Wants

Advice, Articles, relationships June 28, 2020
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The Power of Your Voice

It is interesting and challenging times we find ourselves in. For many people the constant worry of family, loved ones, careers, and businesses is playing havoc on our daily lives. As you grapple to adjust to changes of social distancing and quarantine measures, closing businesses, the isolation from friends, work colleagues, extended family, partners all … Continue reading The Power of Your Voice

Advice, Articles, relationships, Uncategorized April 15, 2020
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Love in the time of the Coronavirus

Most people find the road to love hard enough in a perfect world, let alone in the world of coronavirus. There is no doubt your daily life will be disrupted in some manner, if not in routine in will manifest in fear, doubt and uncertainly of what tomorrow brings. Self-reflection of the most important things … Continue reading Love in the time of the Coronavirus

Advice, Articles, relationships March 19, 2020
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Body Language Fails On A Date

He’s too touchy feely, she’s as cold as ice. Where is the octopus and ice queen getting it so wrong? If you have ever been on a date where someone has been overly touchy or perhaps has gone in for a kiss way too soon, you’ll no doubt agree is it awkward. Being caught off … Continue reading Body Language Fails On A Date

Advice, Articles, relationships January 21, 2020
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