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Whatever your relationship goals we are here to help you achieve them

With a history spanning more than two decades and an unparalleled success rate, you can trust we’ll be here to serve you and your values.

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Whatever your relationship goals we are here to help you achieve them

With a history spanning more than two decades and an unparalleled success rate, you can trust we’ll be here to serve you and your values.

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About Louanne Ward matchmaking

Louanne Ward Matchmaking was created in 1993, and since then it has been helping people find the right relationship with a unique and personal approach. While the majority of dating agencies and consultants use software and algorithms to match people, we use professionals and their expertise to make meaningful, and successful matches.
That’s what makes us different.

About Louanne

Hi, my name is Louanne Ward and I have helped many thousands of people meet, connect and enjoy lasting committed relationships. My entire career, spanning almost three decades has revolved around love and helping people achieve their relationship goals.

My inspiration for choosing the love industry as a career all comes down to one wonderful man; my father. I was only five when my mother left and at a time when it was uncommon for a man to have full custody of four young girls, he fought hard to keep us together. He taught us that the commitment and choices we make when it comes to love are bound by integrity and honouring your word.

Watching my single father’s face light up and how aspects of his personality lifted in the presence of an attractive woman intrigued me. The seed of fascination about love and human behaviour was planted and my desire to help people find love was born.

My career as a matchmaker began at the age of 21 and I launched my agency a few years later in 1993. Transitioning into the digital dating era, I have maintained my values of offering a specialised personal service. Having completed my Executive Certification with the International Matchmaking Institute in New York I had the privilege of joining an elite group of matchmakers for an exclusive invitation-only 1 year-long Master Certification Program. In all of these years, my curiosity about the brain science of love and human behaviour has never faded.

Helping people solve problems, overcome challenges and find loving connected relationships has led me to study and learn from many teachers around the world. As a trained Demartini Method Facilitator, and Values facilitator, body language specialist and relationship/dating coach, I also help people by raising their communication style to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners. Working with clients who are single and wanting to find love, people who are over loss, betrayal, or marriage breakdown, and couples suffering relationship fatigue, where grieving traditional counselling may have yielded mediocre results. I am able to guide you back to love and appreciation for your partner in a way you never have before.

It doesn’t matter to me what your background is as I have worked with people from all walks of life, ages, nationalities, educational qualifications and values. I’ve commissioned numerous surveys of men and women, including global studies. I attend international conferences on the science behind love and human behaviour and I am here to share my decades of research with you.

Can you imagine how different your dating life and intimate relationships would be if the people you met had complementary values to yours?

With a few small insights, it’s all within easy reach and I’m here to show you how.

Don’t let your fears prevent
you from finding love

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What to expect

We don't rely on computers to find your match. Instead, we use the experience and expertise of our matchmakers. They spend time with you so that they understand your wants and needs. These are what make you unique. We understand that.

Our matchmakers then select the matches that work from a huge and carefully compiled database. And then they come to you with the details. Reassuringly, this does not mean dozens of photos and names to sift through. The matches are handpicked, and you meet them in person. That's because we know that a face-to-face meeting makes all the difference.

And that's why everyone who comes to us meets genuine potential partners. Long-term relationships, and even marriages, happen because of Louanne Ward Matchmaking.

Master Certified Matchmaker

Louanne Ward is an internationally accredited matchmaker
with the Matchmaking Institute, New York

Don't just take our word for it...

Here’s what our clients are saying


Louanne has a compassionate, authentic and inspiring approach to match making. I was impressed by her understanding of men and women - her approach to dating allows for great relationships and deep connections which has made me to feel re-inspired about the possibility of having lasting love. Thank you Louanne I'm so grateful for what you do!


The personalised service, empathetic, caring attitude and searching getting-to-know-myself questions helped me clearly identify my goals in life and a future partner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louanne to anyone thinking about taking chance out of the equation in finding that special person. My debt of gratitude owed to you cannot be expressed in words.


Louanne, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you do and I know I've mentioned this to you but I really can't say it enough… the quality of men you have been matching me with has been outstanding! It's such a lovely experience meeting people through LWM and in my mind the experience of professional and personal service you deliver is just so reassuring, enjoyable, fun and uplifting that online dating in comparison doesn't even come close! Sam xx

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